Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bridger Sharing His Talents (0;

Disclaimer: All grandma's watch at your own risk of possible heart attack. (0;
Bridger has been climbing on our kitchen table and playing for the last month or two. He loves to jump off of everything (couches, chairs, counters (into our arms of course, we're not that crazy!), etc.) Today at dinner I was telling Erin about Bridger jumping off of something earlier that day and I sarcastically said, "I'm just waiting for him to jump off the table," thinking that day wouldn't come for a couple years. Later this evening Erin was cleaning near the table while Bridger was playing on it. He had his back to him when he heard a "thump" on the ground. He turned around and Bridger was laughing and so excited. Erin realized that Bridger had just done what I had predicted . . . just a little earlier than I thought. So the next time Bridger got the courage to climb on the table Erin got this...
Sit back and enjoy the talent show!!!!!


  1. ha ha ha. That was hilarious! And awesome! he he he

  2. Holy cow. That little guy is crazier than I thought. Next thing you know he's gonna be the guy on the bungee or wearing a wing suit. When he's big enough to fit in Cale's harness, let's take him climbing for real and teach him the safe way to do this.