Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bridger Sharing His Talents (0;

Disclaimer: All grandma's watch at your own risk of possible heart attack. (0;
Bridger has been climbing on our kitchen table and playing for the last month or two. He loves to jump off of everything (couches, chairs, counters (into our arms of course, we're not that crazy!), etc.) Today at dinner I was telling Erin about Bridger jumping off of something earlier that day and I sarcastically said, "I'm just waiting for him to jump off the table," thinking that day wouldn't come for a couple years. Later this evening Erin was cleaning near the table while Bridger was playing on it. He had his back to him when he heard a "thump" on the ground. He turned around and Bridger was laughing and so excited. Erin realized that Bridger had just done what I had predicted . . . just a little earlier than I thought. So the next time Bridger got the courage to climb on the table Erin got this...
Sit back and enjoy the talent show!!!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

May 27th 2011: We've added a new little man to our eternal family!

Hyrum before exiting mommy's tummy

Hyrum about 15 minutes old. He looks really good!

Daddy looks really good too, he he he! Hyrum a few hours old.

Hyrum home with Emi, Yeah!!!!

Hyrum finally home and tuckered out. What a trip!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ready Set "Deh"

We're back in action after several months of unsolicited silence. Bridger stars here in a sneak peak of his film called Ready Set "Deh." Enjoy his dazzling good looks and his tummy splitting humor as he entertains audiences worldwide (or maybe just me).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Video of our snow family!

Our Snowman Family

We went out today as a family and we made an awesome snowman family. It was a blast!!!! Let us know if you can see the resemblances. This was the second day of heavy enough snow to make our wonderful creations. Enjoy!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kitchen Floor

Josie's reflooring our kitchen. She surprised me last night with over half of it done when I returned home from work. It's going to look really good!

Our First Mouse

We caught this little guy in our kitchen just last week. He was attacking my bagels, ahhhhhhh!!!!! Josie spotted him in a corner cowering. So, I quickly got a board and put it wall to wall so that he couldn't escape. We emptied out a can of formula that was almost gone and I forced him to run into it. We then took our little friend a block down the road and let him free in a large field. It was a fun experience.